Monday, November 5, 2012

A little behind on posting...

So sorry for not posting before now, but I have had a lot going on - with chemo and another chemo with a bad reaction (the canceled it and rescheduled it for Tuesday November 6th). There was a benefit for me at AJ McMurphy's on Saturday November 3rd and they had all sorts of goodies for the auction and a door prize raffle and 50/50 auction. It was so much fun - they had all kinds of cool things going on and there were SO MANY OF YOU who came out to see me and it was awesome - I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to have some good news about a Saturday workshop soon so stay tuned for that... I apologize for not having had classes before now - but there has been so much going on and chemo - I am just ready to get things moving to get some classes together for you all... So stay tuned!

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  1. I really miss u and the store. have been to Greenville several times and it killed me not to be able to come get some more beads. I have needed and wanted some beads so bad but refuse to buy them from anywhere else. I been planning to call you but didnt know how you felt. I know I didnt want to be bothered. lol. hope you are doing good. I do plan to call you so I can get your address. I have something to mail you. till then...Lylas...(love you like a sister)
    your breast cancer sister, Jennifer (the girl from Hollister)